Al Greenall

Al was born in Salford in 1981, then moved to grow up under the Malvern Hills area. Excited and excitable about books, music and art, his main area of interest grew from the analysis of topics, exploring media studies, cultural theory and the nature of perception. After practical training with a Foundation Studies Diploma in Art and Design Diploma at Cheltenham College of Art, he went on to B.A. Hons in Visual Culture in Brighton, Film Studies at Falmouth College of Arts, and taught Visual Culture at Bristol University.

Greenall picked up his paintbrushes again in the early 2000’s to augment his copious theory work, and has been consistently producing, exhibiting and writing about art ever since.

His contemporaneous passion for working with people and food meant a dual career as restaurant manager and concept developer. He now works with cultural community projects as well as teaching arts and humanities to youth groups.

Al is married, has two children and a cat, and lives in Stavanger, Norway.