Ben David Normann

He was born in Trondheim, one of Norway’s beautiful towns, specked with history. His mother would soon learn that he had a lot of «whys» begging for answers. She would send Ben to his father, which would eventually send him to university, kicking off a decade-long, question-fueled journey of studying that culminated in a Ph.D. in mathematical cosmology from the university of Stavanger, where Ben worked with the question «why does the Universe look the way it does?».

Ben loves questions, and that is why he wants the title of the book he is currently writing to be in question form. The art of asking the right question is immensely valuable and at TEDx he wants to present to you one of the very best. Ladies and gentlemen, please join Ben in welcoming — for a daring few minutes! — a neglected companion of your past and an ancient giant: What is reality?