Maria Aasbø: 

Education is not just learning, it’s about finding your purpose by creating value for others!

Maria was born and raised in Rognan, Nordland, just north of the Arctic circle. She holds a degree in economics from Trondheim, and moved to Stavanger and started her career in banking and finance. 15 years later, life was good as an experienced manager and head of customer service. She loves customer service! And by being a manager she could inspire others to create good customer experiences too. But still, Maria was looking for this bigger purpose. She wanted to create values beyond financial results. By coincidence, she became aware of the work of Junior Achievement (Ungt Entreprenørskap, UE) and discovered an organization she was really fascinated by. When the opportunity came in 2017, her choice was easy.

Now in her position as general manager in UE, the job is to create good school days for students today and at the same time build important competence for the future of business in Rogaland.

The most important lesson learned so far: education is not just about learning stuff. It’s about finding your purpose by creating value for others!