Mina Kristensen: Inequalities are enriching 

Mina is from Lindesnes in the south of Norway, attending boarding school in Tryggheim, outside Stavanger.

She is in a youth company where they have seen that inequalities are enriching. Her message is just about that. Mina wants to show how she has seen through her youth business what powerful resources people can be and how we should look at all people with equal value.

“I want to show the possibilities, not the challenges with differences.” Mina is keen to show that we need to see the value of other people. Through her youth business and working with people with different challenges, it has affected the work her business have been doing and people’s mindsets.

“I want to show people all the possibilities you can get if you change the way we look at other people. This is very relevant to how we live today, that we need to see equal value in all people and look at the possibilities to create new resources.”