After studying the Planning and Analysing of Financial Systems at the Science and Research University in Tehran, Riana received her PhD in Risk Management and Social Security at the University of Stavanger in 2010. She works as Associate Professor at the BI Norwegian Business School, where she lectures many courses in the field of corporate finance and corporate management. She also has an adjunct associate professor position at the University of Stavanger, where her lecturing-subject is decision making in crisis.

As an organisational scientist, she has a deep passion for understanding how to design resilience capacities in organisations. She had spent the past decade studying how improving the adaptive capacity in an organisation enhances its capability to deal with a crisis when it struck.

Riana is Associate Professor at BI Norwegian Business School, the department of Accounting, Auditing and Business Analytics. She also has an Adjunct Professor position in Risk Management and Societal Safety, University of Stavanger. Riana has an MBA and PhD degree in risk management.