Trond Magne Hegglund

Self-criticism evolution & adaptation

Trond grew up by Haraldstøtta so close to the coast in Haugesund that love of the ocean came automatically. His playground was only interrupted by tourist buses and some archaeologists telling them not to dig in the Viking burial mounds.

In adulthood he came to realize the significance of seeing the big blue horizon and playing with friends on historical ground for inner security and curiosity about our humankind. Human in history, present and future. Trond lived and worked in Stavanger from 2008-2012, and still have customers and friends there, Stavanger is a lovely internationally focused and innovative city from his views.

Presently he is working as an organizational psychologist, managing his own company for past 5 years. Through work as a speaker, leader coach and psychologist Trond has worked with thousands of people since the start of his career in 2003. The knowledge and experience he has accumulated has in the last years become more evident in his lectures and therapy.

Being inspired by the wider perspective Trond always try to see the company or individual he works with in a larger narra;ve, with history, present and future as context. He has also noticed that the 1,000 or so clients he has worked with are more similar than different. And therefore he experiences the same tools and mental strategies help most people. “When you have comprehended this strategy, how to manage yourself, to handle life is really not that difficult. But it’s important to have the right expectations. If you know what’s normal and what’s to be expected you can stop treating yourself badly for being normal. In my experience this change of perspective totally saves people from making there lives a misery looking for something that doesn’t exist. The myth of stable and long-lasting happiness has stolen the life quality from too many people. It’s ;me we revealed the secret of a good life: it’s to settle with what is. This insight will save you millions. In some cases it can also save lives.”