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Organization TEAM

Includes the curators and sponsors team. Curators team assemble all the TEDxStavanger content into sessions and find incredible ideas in and around our community.

The sponsors team brings the money in to make it all happen. 

We love to talk about what we do and find organizations that are equally excited about spreading ideas. Instead of plain sponsoring we create partnerships, in which both sides add value to TEDxStavanger.

Dave Roberts

Executive Director

Janes Struweg

Creative and Design​ Director

Jason Deegan

Web Developer


We are responsible for designing the stage and web according to the event´s theme.

We make the stage decoration so that the TEDxStavanger speakers have an awesome backdrop for their talks.

We also build everything else we need around the event. We love tinkering and spend a lot of time at the MakerSpace.


The Program team is mainly responsible for designing the experience of TEDxStavanger event from start to finish. We are the team that runs the show! 

We work closely with all other teams in order to have a clear overview of what is needed where and when before, during and after the event, to make sure everyone has a memorable and enjoyable time!

Modesta Zigmantaite

Program Director

Atefeh Eghbali

Executive Producer

Ingveig Tveranger

Communication and Marketing Director



We represent the TEDxStavanger brand to the outside.

Our main job is to generate awareness of the TEDxStavanger events throughout the year.

We want to grow our community and create a positive image for TEDxStavanger connected to interesting and important ideas.

Human resources team

We work to recruit volunteers, team delegation and facilitate team building activities.

We work to ensure a vibrant collaboration process among all our volunteers, project leaders and the curation team that are essential to the success of the TEDxStavanger event and organisational development.

We are the team that actively work to ensure that our volunteers are taken care of and help create a culture for TEDxStavanger community.

Miriam Shbatu

Human Resources Director

Julija Gavrilova

Human Resources Coordinator

Julie Vold

Event Director

Juan Rojas

event team

Event team is responsible for event’s day-of logistics.

Half the value of a TEDx event comes from the talks, the other half  comes from the interaction with people during the event.

We design these experiences for our guests so they have a good time outside of the auditorium.

Contact with venue’s staff, day-of event activities outside of the main stage, and are often in charge of ticketing and registration needs.


We work tirelessly to ensure our speakers do well and have a great experience on stage, and to help speakers ideas develop into their best version.

Dave Roberts

Head coach