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On the 15th of October, TEDx Stavanger will have en event to educate, inspire and inform the world about the Climate Challenges that lies ahead of us


As a part of the TED and TEDx families, TEDx Stavanger will invite their community and the Stavanger and Rogaland region to participate in this launch.
Local talks with Siri Kalvig, Ole Kristian Sivertsen, Marthe Knutsen and over 10 TED talks from the great TED launch.
Interviews with local climate change action heroes, our amazing speakers and politicians from the region fighting for the action to happen. This is a movement to educate, inspire and inform the world about the Climate changes we face as a species, globally. The event will be streamed with pre-recorded material for you too watch in the comfy spaces of your home, office or at a watchparty with friends.
Join the action, join the movement, and dont rest – climate change needs to be tackled and we must move, not sleep.
Please share all over the place, in and outside of your network, on pages, groups nationwide.
We will be speaking Norwegian, all talks in English.
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winds of change

This years theme Winds of Change challenges us to think critically about the times we live in, and to take account of the tremendous period of changes we find ourselves in. Bringing speakers from across a number of industries, we will engage with ideas that challenge us, that challenge our worldview, and most importantly help us interpret the winds of change which are blowing across much of the world.


Stavanger, Norway


September 12th, 2020

Tedx Stavanger 2020

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